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How can I link a file when I'm editing a page?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

When editing a Landing Page or Website Page, you may find yourself looking to link a file that may be relevant to the page and of interest to your visitors. HubSpot offers a shortcut to accomplish this goal without leaving the page you are editing.

  • Navigate to Content > Landing Pages or Content > Website Pages
  • Locate and click to Edit the page in question
  • Find the Rich Text module where you want to link some text to a file > click on the module to edit
  • Find or type the text you wish to link to the document, and highlight the text with your cursor
  • Click Insert > Insert Document Link; you will see the File Manager appear
Insert Document Link
  • Search and select the file in the File Manager that you want to link your highlighted text to > click Use Document
  • If the document file is not yet uploaded to your file manager, you may upload a new file in the same File Manager window by clicking on Upload a File.


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