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How do I resize an image in my blog, page, or email?

Last updated: October 12, 2015

When you insert an image into a page, post, or email, the image will render with its native dimensions (unless it being targeted and styled in your CSS file). You can then use HubSpot's content editor to resize the image. For images in rich text modules:

  • Click the image
  • Click Edit image... or choose one of the quick sizes (Small, Medium, or Large)
  • Adjust the dimensions.
  • Click OK.

To resize an image in an image module:

  • Click the image
  • Use the --, -, +, and ++ icons to resize the image

Resizing an image in the editor, edits the HTML of that image. For pages and posts,  resizing via the editor adjusts the width attribute and adds a width declaration inline. For emails, resizing via the editor adjusts the width attribute and adds a max-width declaration inline.

Additionally, HubSpot automatically compresses images, based on their dimensions in the markup, to increase the render speed of your content.

As an alternative to using HTML attributes to resize an image, you can clone the image and resize it's native dimensions from within File Manager or the File Manager popup. You can read more about cloning and resizing an image here.

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