What is the difference between a HubSpot campaign and a Salesforce campaign?

Last updated: September 21, 2016

Although both HubSpot and Salesforce use the same term 'campaign' these two objects are separate.

  • HubSpot campaigns cannot sync to Salesforce and are not related to Salesforce campaigns.
    • Within HubSpot, campaigns are used to organize and track the success of your HubSpot content.
    • The Campaigns tool is available under Content > Campaigns.
  • Salesforce campaigns can sync limited data to HubSpot.
    • If a Salesforce lead or contact is associated with a Salesforce campaign, the Salesforce 'Campaign ID' property will sync to their HubSpot Contact record. This property can also be used in list segmentation in HubSpot.
    • Contacts can also be added to a Salesforce campaign from a HubSpot Form or Workflow.

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