Why are my Smart CTAs not showing variations in Wordpress?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

HubSpot's Smart CTAs are driven by the visitor's cookie information. If you have Smart CTAs that aren't rotating upon a Contact's re-visit, it may be one due to one of the following reasons:

The HubSpot tracking code is not on the page. Make sure your have the HubSpot Tracking Code for Wordpress plugin installed.

Cookies - if the visitor has cookies blocked by their web browser, or their network security policies, our system has no way to attribute their session to their HubSpot Contact record. Therefore our system isn't aware of any previous submissions and list enrollments. In this case the visitor is a stranger and the CTA variant won't show.

Cookie Scope - You can't share cookies across multiple domains. If you put a HubSpot Smart CTA on domain.com but haven't yet connected a domain to HubSpot under Content > Content Settings > Manage Domains then your CTAs and the associated Forms are still being hosted on HID.sites.hubspot.com. In this scenario, a cookie will be set at the time of the visit to domain.com, but the CTA and Forms tools will be unable to use that cookie for smart content because the top-level domains are different.

WordPress - Many WordPress theme modules are not JavaScript friendly. If you have a site on WordPress check the source code of the page hosting the CTA button and compare that with the exportable embed code found in HubSpot. You can learn more here.

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