How to create and manage deals in the CRM

Last updated: July 13, 2017

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Sales processes vary so greatly between companies that it’s hard to please everybody (but we certainly do our best). For example, many organizations use the term "opportunities" to describe deals in their pipelines. In HubSpot, Deals are the records that HubSpot has created to track sales “opportunities" through the pipeline. Consider the deals tool as a way to identify, track, and record the experiences your contacts and companies went through before becoming customers.

This is what a sample deal record looks like:


What are deal stages and how should I use them?

Deal stages allow you to categorize and track the progress of the deals that you are working on within HubSpot CRM. Each deal stage has a probability associated that indicates the likelihood of closing deals marked with that deal stage. You can also add required properties for each deal stage that have to be filled out before a deal can be moved to that stage.

By default, the CRM includes eight deal stages:

  • Appointment Scheduled (20%)
  • Initial Contact (30%)
  • Qualified to Buy (40%)
  • Presentation Scheduled (60%)
  • Decision Maker Brought-In (80%)
  • Contract Sent (90%)
  • Closed Won (100% Won)
  • Closed Lost (0% Lost)

You can also customize these deal stages so that they are unique to your sales process. Learn more about managing your deal stages here.

Adding new deals to HubSpot CRM

Once you define your deal stages you can create deals that tie in contacts, companies, or both. You can add a new deal from the contact record, the company record, and from the top of the deal board or list view.

To add a new deal from the contact record, click Create a deal in the left hand sidebar.

This will open the right sidebar where you can fill in the details of your deal:

When creating your deal, please note that by default a value for Close Date will be included. Click the field for Close Date to edit the date or select Clear to clear the value. 

Managing your deals in HubSpot CRM

Once you start adding deals, if you add money values to your deals, you can see how much (future) revenue is sitting in each stage of the pipeline.

You can also use the filters on the left hand side of your deal board or list view to filter your deals by any deal property. 

An example filter that you could create for your deals is shown below. This will pull up all deals that your user is set as the HubSpot Owner for, that are not set as Closed-Lost or Closed-Won, and have a Close Date within the month.

If you haven't yet, take a look inside your HubSpot CRM account and give deals a try.

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