What are the default Deal properties in the HubSpot CRM?

Last updated: February 3, 2017

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Sales
Subscription: Free

Here is a list of all of the Deal properties that come standard in the HubSpot CRM. Need a property you don't see listed here? Click here to learn how to create custom properties to capture the information most relevant to your specific sales process.

  • Amount - Total value of the deal
  • Close Date - The day the deal is expected to close
  • Closed Lost Reason - Reason why the deal was lost
  • Create Date - Day the deal was created in the CRM (automatically populates)
  • Deal Description - Brief description of the deal
  • Deal Name - The name you have given this deal
  • Deal Stage - The stage this deal is currently in. By default, there are 7 options (Appointment Scheduled, Qualified To Buy, Presentation Scheduled, Decision Maker Brought-In, Contract Sent, Closed Won, and Closed Lost), but these can be added, removed, or changed to fit your specific sales process.
  • Deal Type - New Business or Existing Business (or custom types of your own creation)
  • HubSpot OwnerThe sales user that the deal is assigned to. For more information on users in the CRM, click here.
  • Last Modified Date - The most recent date that any property on this deal was updated (automatically populates)
  • Notes Last Updated - The most recent timestamp when a note was modified for this deal (automatically populates)
  • Number of Contacts - Number of contacts associated with this deal (automatically populates)
  • Owner Assigned Date - The date the deal was created in your CRM (automatically populates)