What is the best way to use deals?

Last updated: May 9, 2018


Deals are used to store, project and report on potential and closed revenue. They allow you to identify, track, and report on the experiences your contacts and companies went through before becoming customers.

A deal should be created whenever a qualified prospect takes an action that tells you that there is a legitimate chance to realize revenue, such as booking a meeting with you to discuss your product or service. If you're a Sales Professional user, learn more about automating tasks on deal stages here

Creating your pipeline

Use deal stages to help you track your deal throughout the sales process. You can customize your deal pipelines by creating custom deal stages. When creating stages, be sure that they are:

  1. Factual: based on actual actions that have been taken, rather than a feeling or intuition you or the buyer might have.
  2. Inspectable: there’s some sort of record that can be used to prove that the action has been taken.
  3. Buyer-centric: based on actions the buyer takes. Ultimately, it's the buyer's actions that will close the sale. The sales rep is just there to help.
  4. Required/Repeatable:  designed with the intent that each deal will almost always hit this stage. Streamline your pipeline and avoid creating stages that won't be used for most of the deals in the pipeline. 
There are always one-off cases where a deal may skip a stage. However, for reporting purposes it is important to build a pipeline that is repeatable to measure the effectiveness and efficiencies over time. If you are unsure if you should include a stage in your pipeline, ask yourself some questions:
  1. Is this a step in the process that you would like to be measured and reported on in the future?
  2. How often do your opportunities hit this stage?
  3. Do you know the exact actions that the buyer needs to take to be in this stage? Can you inspect it? Is it factual?
  4. What will resonate with your reps?

Segmenting your deals

You can use saved filters to segment your deals and view them based on specific criteria (learn more about creating saved filters here). Here are a few suggested filters you should include to create them:
  • Deals closing this month: this will will give you visibility into all the deals currently in your pipeline that are expected to close this month. Filters to include: Deal owner is any of Me, Close date is This month.
  • Deals closing this quarter: this will give you visibility into all the deals you are currently working that will close this quarter. Filters to include: Deal owner is any of Me, Close date is between 1/1/17 and 3/31/17 (substitute for dates of current quarter)
  • Deals with a close date of last month that did not close: this will allow you to review the deals in your funnel that were suppose to close but didn’t. Why? Are the legitimate opportunities? Filters to include: Deal owner is any of Me, Close date is between 1/1/17 and 1/31/17 (substitute for dates of last month)Deal stage does not contain Closed Won/Lost.

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