Email Notifications

Identify open locations for HubSpot Sales email notifications

Last updated: November 29, 2018

HubSpot Sales determines the open location for a tracked email based on the IP address of the person opening it. The location given for a particular open can vary due to the nature of internet service providers (ISP) and IP addresses.

Each ISP can result in varying levels of IP location accuracy, whether you're on your:

  • Company network
  • Home network 
  • VPN
  • Mobile network

The recipient's email security software can also have an impact on open locations. When an email is scanned for malicious material, the message content is loaded by a server which may be located in various cities around the world. 

Please note: if HubSpot detects multiple IP address locations for one email tracker event (this can happen since HubSpot gets these events from a couple different sources) and they all don't match, HubSpot opts to show no location in your activity feed for an "email open" event instead of an erroneous one.

There are a number of reasons that the location might seem inaccurate, primarily related to the nature of IP addresses.

For example, if you send an email to someone in New York and it's listed as opened in California, it might be that:
  • The person is temporarily in California.
  • The person has forwarded the email to someone in California.
  • The person is using technology that changes their IP address to a different location (e.g. VPN, dial up internet, internet proxy).
  • Their internet provider makes the request look like it's from California even though it's from New York.
  • The information HubSpot uses to show the location might be incorrect (IP addresses and the geographic information associated with them are constantly changing). HubSpot is constantly updating a database to make sure the information used to determine open locations is accurate.