Email Notifications

What are highlights?

Last updated: November 13, 2018

Applies to:

Sales Hub
Professional, Enterprise

The Highlights feed in your HubSpot Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise account activity feed analyzes all of your sales notifications from the last 24 hours and gathers higher-priority notifications at the top of your feed.

Where can I find highlights? 

Your Highlights feed lives in your activity feed. You can access your activity feed in the following locations: 

  • Sales tools: In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Activity Feed.


  • Chrome extension or tray app: click the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension icon in your Google Chrome browser or select the tray app icon for Windows.

  • Activity Feed widget: in your HubSpot Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise account, click the sprocket icon sprocket in the main navigation bar. Once there, locate the Activity Feed widget. If you don't have the widget, you can add it to your dashboard by selecting Add report in the upper-right corner and then click Add beside the Activity Feed widget. 

What activity types are included in highlights?

Every new activity type is analyzed and given a priority ranking. Here are the activity types considered:

  • Email open: the contact opened one of your tracked sales emails.
  • Email click: the contact clicked a link in one of your tracked sales emails.
  • Document revisit: the contact has revisited one of your sales documents.
  • HubSpot revisit: the contact has revisited one of your site pages with the HubSpot tracking code installed.
  • Company prospects revisit: the prospect has revisited one of your site pages with the HubSpot tracking code installed.
  • Meeting booked: the contact has booked a meeting with you using the meetings tool.
  • Lead assigned: you're assigned as the lead's contact owner.
  • Form submitted: the contact has submitted one of your HubSpot forms.
  • Hot lead assigned: you're assigned as the contact owner of a hot lead, which is based on the lead's engagement. 

Do my notifications update based on changing activities? 

Yes. This feed looks at previous notifications that you took action on and determines whether or not your action was successful. It then re-calibrates your notifications to help you prioritize the activities that are likely to benefit you and your sales process.

How can I use highlights with both sales and marketing?

While you must be a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise user to have the Highlights feed, these notifications also take marketing activities into consideration as well.

Your activity feed pulls prospect engagement data from all stages of the prospect’s lifecycle, including form submissions, page revisits, lead assignment, and deal pipeline activity.