Can I connect a subdomain as my email sending domain?

Last updated: December 4, 2017

Yes, as long as the email address you select as the From in your marketing emails also contains that same subdomain as your connected email sending domain.

Please note: you do not need to set up an Email Sending Domain in your HubSpot account if you are using a HubSpot Dedicated IP for email. This feature is only used for HubSpot accounts using a Shared IP.

select-From-address-in-email-editor.pngWhat if I connect a subdomain as my email sending domain, but still send emails using my root domain?

Simply put: your email sending domain won't be used.

  • Our logic looks for a match between the domain of the From email address selected in your email draft and the connected email sending domain in the Domain Manager. If you successfully connect as your email sending domain, the From address selected in your email draft will also need to contain, such as
  • if you connect and use a From address in your email draft containing, recipients will not see your email sending domain, so they will see the default which is “via"

Let's get technical

In most situations, connecting a subdomain for this purpose isn’t necessary - it’s only used for DKIM email authentication and HubSpot is still the domain behind-the-scenes sending the email, so using a subdomain vs. root doesn't make any difference reputation-wise.