Can I edit a marketing email after it has already been sent?

Last updated: July 11, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

Once an email has been sent, there isn't a way to update the text content of the email, or the sender information because the email has left HubSpot's control and is on the way (or has been received) by the recipient's email client.

However, if you are using a HubSpot CTA in your email, you can update the design and the link in that CTA, and in some email clients, the changes you make to the CTA will apply in the email that the recipient sees.

  • In Outlook, the CTA is re-loaded each time the email is opened, which allows the email to pull in the style and link updates you have applied to the CTA.
  • In Gmail, the first time the email is opened, the CTA will load and will remain in that same state each time they open the email – the updates to the CTA will not apply if they are made after the email is opened.
    • If you change the CTA and the recipient hasn't yet opened the email, the changes will apply the first time they open the email.

For more information on updating a CTA, check out this article.