How can I link to a contact's Salesforce record in a HubSpot email?

Last updated: March 24, 2017

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You can link to a contact's Salesforce record by appending the personalization token for 'Contact ID' or 'Lead ID' as part of a URL link that you specify in the email editor. A time when you may want to use this option is when sending an internal email via a HubSpot workflow. Click here to learn how to send an internal email using workflows.

There are existing personalization tokens for the Salesforce 'Contact ID' {{contact.salesforcecontactid}} and Salesforce 'Lead ID' {{contact.salesforceleadid}}. 

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, go to Content > Email > Create or Edit your email.
  • Locate the area in your email you wish to add this Salesforce Lead or Contact link.
  • Select Insert > Link > Input a link that looks like one of the following:
  • The "#" will be unique, depending on your instance of Salesforce. Replace this with whatever you see in a URL when viewing a record in Salesforce. 

  • If you're using Salesforce Lightning, your URL will look a little different but will still contain a unique number for your instance and the record ID, as shown below:
  • For the rest of the URL, use the personalization token for 'Lead ID' or 'Contact ID' as indicated: {{contact.salesforceleadid}} or {{contact.salesforcecontactid}}.

User-added imageTo check your work, try sending yourself a test email as a particular contact who is already syncing with Salesforce and contains a 'Lead ID' or 'Contact ID' value in their HubSpot contact record. The test email should display a complete URL. When clicked, the URL should take you to that contact's Contact or Lead record in Salesforce.

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