How can I see URL parameters for clicked links in my email?

Last updated: February 3, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

You can control whether the click results for similar links are combined in your email post-send reports or not.

For instance, some link URLs in your email might include a tracking code, query string, or some other additional set of parameters, but are otherwise identical to another URL in the same email.




Sample URL (no additional string):


Sample URL (with additional string):


In this case, you might prefer to see the click performance results for these URLs combined.

You can see the view of your clicked links by navigating, from your HubSpot Marketing account, to Content > Email > Sent >  click the name of your sent email > Clicked tab. The default setting is to provide you with that combined view, so that clicks on similar URLs are consolidated into one simple number.

User-added image

But in some cases you might want to view these URL click results separately. To do that, just uncheck the box next to the Combine similar links option at the top of the Clicked Links section of your post-send results page:

User-added image
You can enable or disable (by checking and unchecking the box next to) Combine similar links as you please.