How do I change the body width for a particular email?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Changing the width of a single email requires editing the custom HTML version of the template. Note that this method requires basic HTML knowledge.

  • Clone the email template you want to use to file by Navigating to Content > Design Manager
design manager navigation
Select your email template and click on Actions > Clone to file
clone to file
clone to file
  • Hit Ctrl+F to and find all instances of the email body width token, replacing it with any # pixel value (ie. 500px).
find email body width
find email body width
  • Please note that if the width of an image or a table in an email is wider than the email body, the email body will automatically resize to fit the width of the image. To fix this, find where the width is defined in the code of the image and replace it with a smaller # pixel value.
  • Click Actions > Save and Update
  • Navigate to Content > Email to create a new email with this template, or select an existing email and click on Actions > Change Template to use your new template.

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