How do I create a list of contacts who opened a specific email?

Last updated: September 6, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

You can create a list of contacts based on them having opened an email either by creating a smart or static list in the Lists tool or by creating a static list from the email statistics page. It is most efficient to create a smart list in the Lists tool as described below because smart lists will dynamically pull in contacts as they open the email and you don't need to create a new static list each time you want the most up-to-date statistics like you would need to if you created the list from the email statistics page.

From the Lists tool: 

  • Navigate to Contacts > Lists.
  • Click on the blue button to create a new list
  • Click Name list, give your list a name, and choose Smart list or Static list.
  • Select the following criteria for your list:
    • Email | Contact opened email | [Name of sent email] (Note: you can only filter by emails that have already been sent -- you cannot filter by draft emails).
    • If needed, click Refine by and set specific date parameters if you'd only like to see contacts who opened the email in a certain timeframe.
  • Click Done
  • Add any additional criteria if needed, then click Save.

From the Email statistics page:

  • Navigate to Content > Email.
  • Click on Sent, and select the desired sent email.
  • Click on the Recipients tab, and select Opened.
  • Click on List Actions, and select Create new list.
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  • Name your list, then click Create list.

When creating a list from the email statistics page, you are creating a static list, and will only pull in contacts who have opened that email at the time the list is created. It will not update dynamically as it would if you create a smart list in the Lists tool as described above.

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