How do I reply to an email through the CRM?

Last updated: December 11, 2017

You can maximize your productivity by replying to an email directly from the contact timeline in your HubSpot CRM account. This allows you to use all the context of recent engagements when crafting your reply and keeps your entire workflow within HubSpot.

You can send replies from the contact record as well as any company or deal record that the contact is associated with.

Please note: sending emails through the CRM requires a connected inbox. To learn more about why connecting an inbox is necessary for various HubSpot Sales features, check out this article.

To send a reply

  • Navigate to the contact, company, or deal record that you're looking for, and locate the email you want to reply to on the timeline. 
  • Click Reply in the lower-left corner of the email.
  • Enter your text or select a template to customize.
  • Click Send when the email is ready to go.

The reply email will appear as a new engagement on the contact timeline, along with any company or deal records that the contact is associated with. You can click Expand to see the other emails from earlier in the thread on that same engagement.

Who will receive the reply

You can use the Reply button on any email between yourself and a contact to send that contact a reply. This means the reply email will be addressed to the contact's email address when:

  • You hit Reply on an email the contact sent to you.

  • You hit Reply on an email that you sent to the contact. 

There may also be times when you see an email thread between a contact and another member of your team and you want to follow up with them. You can use the Reply or Reply to all button to jump into an existing email thread in HubSpot. 

Here's how this feature works in the following scenarios:

  • Reply to all: your email will go to both the sender and the recipient of the email you're replying to.

  • Reply to an email your colleague received from a contact: your reply email will be addressed to that contact.

  • Reply to an email sent by another member of your team through HubSpot: your reply email will be addressed to your colleague.

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