How exactly are Primary and Secondary Font Colors, as well as Primary and Secondary Accent Colors, used in my HubSpot emails?

Last updated: December 2, 2016

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As you set up your email fonts and colors, you will encounter the following color settings:

  • Primary Font Color
  • Secondary Font Color
  • Primary Accent Color
  • Secondary Accent Color

The question is, do you really know how these impact and/or are applied in your emails? Well, let's start with Primary and Secondary Font Colors.

The Primary and Secondary Font Colors are the default colors applied to your email messages' text. The keyword here is default. The reason why there is a Primary, as well as a Secondary, is because there are rare circumstances when email platforms (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) accept one color over the other. In other words, in HubSpot you can select a Primary color for the color you want to have as your primary default color for your font, and a Secondary just in case the email platforms don't accept that primary color. However, as you already know, you can change the color of your text, via the WYSIWYG editor, when you're actually typing up your email message.

Now, when it comes to Primary and Secondary Accent Colors, these are tied to email customization. In HubSpot, one can build a custom coded HTML email template from scratch, and in those occasions one can use HubL tokens to use these colors in custom templates. These colors are not used by default in any emails, but someone can apply them if that person builds custom coded templates.

Furthermore, from a coding standpoint, you can also use tokens associated to Primary and Secondary Font Colors to apply these colors to certain parts of your custom coded email template.

Now that you know how these settings are used, you can focus on your email content and further advance your contacts through your marketing funnel. As a side note, you may find further documentation on our HubL Tokens at

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