Create targeted subject lines in your marketing email with smart content

Last updated: January 30, 2019

With smart content, you can create customized subject lines for different audiences based on their list membership or lifecycle stage. 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Email.
  • Hover over your email draft and click Edit. Or create a new email.
  • In the email editor, click Edit details.
  • Next to your subject line, click the Make smart icon replace.
  • Select to add smart rules based on Contact List Membership or Lifecycle stage. Then click Next step
  • Select the Contacts Lists or Lifecycle stages you want to create a unique subject line for. Then click Next step.
  • Click add smart rules... to setup even more subject lines for with more rules and use Personalize to add any personalization tokens to your subject lines. When you've finished editing your subject lines, click Done.

You can preview your email to see how the subject lines will appear for contacts that meet your smart rules.