How to create targeted subject lines in your HubSpot email using Smart Content

Last updated: October 6, 2016

Marketing Hub

Your subject line is arguably the most critical part of your email marketing strategy - if it doesn't pique the interest of your audience, a carefully crafted email loses all its impact. Using Smart Content, you can create subject lines for different audiences based on their list membership or lifecycle stage to really boost your email open rates.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to use smart subject lines for your HubSpot Marketing emails:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Content > Email.
  • From here, you can either Create a new email or click on the name of an existing draft you may have already been working on.
  • Once in the email editor, navigate to the Edit tab and choose Edit details.

  • Next to your subject line, click the Make smart button.
  • Edit and setup your smart rules either based on Contact List Membership or Lifecycle stage > click Next step > choose which Contacts Lists or Lifecycle stages you want to begin creating rules on > click Next step.
  • Click add smart rules... to setup even more subject lines for with more rules and use Personalize to add any personalization tokens to your subject lines > click Done.