Not receiving HubSpot system or notification emails

Last updated: January 21, 2019

HubSpot sends system and notification emails to inform you of events such as test marketing emails, form submissions, lead revisits, and file exports. If emails sent from HubSpot are resulting in bounces or landing in your SPAM/junk folder, you can adjust your spam filter settings to improve deliverability. Most spam filters allow you to whitelist a sender by adding their domain or IP address.

Please note: if you're experiencing deliverability issues with marketing emails, confirm that your email sending domain is connected before completing the steps below. 


Whitelist a sender or domain

Work with your IT team to make changes to your whitelist or "safe sender" list. If you're using a free email provider such as Gmail, you can find whitelisting instructions in their help documentation. The following is a complete list of email addresses HubSpot uses for internal email notifications:


Whitelist IP addresses

Add your sending IP addresses and/or and to your network-level whitelist to ensure that all of HubSpot's in-app communications get delivered by your company's server. 

  • Marketing Hub tools:,,,,,,,,
  • Sales Hub tools:,, -
  • Service Hub tools:,,,

If you're using an email security software (e.g., Mimecast), you can whitelist by adding HubSpot to your SPF record.