What can I do if my team members aren't receiving our emails sent through HubSpot?

Last updated: October 17, 2017

Occasionally, your HubSpot emails and notifications might bounce or get caught in spam filters (more information here). If an email to an internal member of your organization has bounced in the past 7 days, you will see an "Internal emails not getting through?" alert on the Email Dashboard (ContentEmail). 

  • Click the Read More link to expand the alert. 

  • Here you'll see steps you can take to ensure internal members of your organization are able to receive your emails. Click Add HubSpot to your whitelist

  • This generates a message to send to your IT team so that they can take steps to whitelist the necessary IP addresses. Click Copy to clipboard and paste the text into a new email or click Email to your IT team to automatically compose a new message in your default email client.
  • Once you've sent the message to your IT team, click Done

  • Once you’ve confirmed that whitelisting is complete, you can test it by returning to the Email Dashboard. Expand the alert again using the Read More link.
  • Click Send test email.
  • The dialog box will tell you how many internal recipients, based on email domain, have bounced. Choose a recipient from the dropdown, ensure that the I confirm that HubSpot has been added to my whitelist checkbox is checked, then click Send test email

If your colleagues are still experiencing difficulties receiving marketing emails sent through HubSpot, check out this article for further troubleshooting steps. 

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