What do each of the Email Confirmation Status property options mean?

Last updated: August 1, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

Within HubSpot, there is an Email Confirmation Status property, meant to display the current status of an email sent from HubSpot as it relates to a particular contact. 

Here is a list of these default options and what they mean:

  • Customer marked confirmed – The HubSpot customer marked recipient as confirmed (from an import).
  • Confirmed from previous behavior – They were sent emails before turning on double opt in and therefore eligible.
  • Awaiting Double Opt In – Contact has not yet been confirmed through double opt-in. Must submit another form to be confirmed. CRM-entered contacts enter a holding pattern to await a form submission or other action to opt them in. See article: Can I email a contact that was originally added to the HubSpot CRM from the HubSpot marketing platform?
  • Confirmation Pending – This status comes right before Confirmation sent.
  • Confirmation Email Sent – Confirmation email was sent.
  • User has not clicked sent link – At a certain point after the confirmation has been sent and the user hasn't clicked the email, we'll see this status.
  • User clicked confirmation – Happens right after they click and then turns to Confirmed after.
  • Confirmed – The recipient clicked the confirm link (via email), and seems to be the final status that comes in after "User clicked confirmation."