What do my marketing email statistics mean?

Last updated: January 18, 2018

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  • Navigate to Content > Email and select a sent email to view details.
  • Click on either the Performance or Recipients tab.
  • Hover over the graph and sub-tabs to see an explanation of email statistics.

Under the Performance tab, you will see the following information:

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  • Sent - The number of contacts that were selected to be sent the email minus ineligible (previously hard bounced or unsubscribed) contacts.
  • Delivered - The total number of email addresses whose server reported to us that the email was delivered. This number generally equals Sent minus Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce (pending).
  • Opened - The number of emails that were opened and had “display images” enabled. Keep in mind that only about half of all email clients display images by default, so this metric is more useful as a general directional indicator rather than a source of raw numbers.
  • Clicked - The number of unique recipients who clicked on any link in your email, excluding the Unsubscribe and Subscription Preferences links.
  • Contacts Lost - Contacts marked as ineligible during this send due to unsubscribes, spam reports, or hard bounces.

Under the Recipients tab, you will see the following additional information:

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User-added image
  • Selected - The total number of contacts on your selected recipient lists minus blocked recipients (exclusion lists). Please be aware that if your email message contained multiple recipient lists, we compile a final list of contacts and remove duplicates so no one receives more than one of the same email message.
  • Not Sent (i.e. Ineligible) - Contacts that were excluded prior to sending because they've previously unsubscribed, marked your email as spam, or hard bounced. In some instances, you may also see the term Dropped, which basically means an email was not sent to contacts because they are already Ineligible for email.
  • Hard Bounce - A hard bounce means that the address is invalid and should not be sent to again. The email might belong to an unknown user, the content of your email might have triggered their spam filter, or the server might have seen too many other contacts marking your email as spam. When a contact’s email returns a hard bounce, they will be marked as ineligible the next time you include them in a send.
  • Soft Bounce - A soft bounce means that the email temporarily failed to reach its intended recipient. The email will be resent for up to 72 hours or until it’s either successfully delivered or it fails more permanently. This count is the total number of email addresses that returned a soft bounce at any time during this send. Recipients that return soft bounces will still be eligible for future email sends. Deferred is also a Soft Bounce, and in the same manner the email message will continue to be resent for up to 72 hours.
  • Unsubscribed - The number of contacts who unsubscribed (opted out) from a particular email. They will be marked as ineligible for your subsequent campaigns.
  • Marked as Spam - The number of contacts that actively marked your email as spam. Contacts that mark your email as spam are automatically unsubscribed from all of your email. Please be aware that Marked as Spam is not the same as an email going into a spam or bulk email folder. See related: What is a spam complaint?, What can I do to make my emails look less like spam?

An important point to keep in mind is that you don't have to take any action to ensure bounced contacts or recipients that opt out or mark your message as spam are not mailed again. HubSpot takes care of that on your behalf; anyone who bounces or unsubscribes will remain in your account so you can maintain your own data, but we automatically suppress them from any future campaigns you send.

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