What do the terms in my email recipient export mean?

Last updated: July 6, 2018

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When you export the data from your email send, you'll receive a CSV file with a number of columns telling you how each contact interacted with your email.

A basic export includes basic information for each recipient. You can see columns with TRUE or FALSE values to learn more about each recipient. Additionally, if you sent an A/B email test, you can see which version your contacts received in the SubType column. 

Here is an example of what you would see in a basic export:

Advanced exports provide more details about each recipient, including responses for messages that are marked as processed or deferred. You can also see if any updates were made to your contacts' eligibility to receive email. 

Here's a list of the terms in the Event Type column in an advanced export and what they mean:

  • Sent: The message was sent to and received by our delivery provider, which has queued it for further handling.
  • Processed: The message has been received by our delivery provider, which has indicated it will attempt to deliver the message to the recipient's email server.
  • Deferred: The recipient’s email server has temporarily rejected message, and subsequent attempts will be made to deliver the message. This is also referred to as a soft bounce.
  • Delivered: The recipient's email server has accepted the message and the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.
  • Open: The recipient opened the message.
  • Click: The recipient clicked on a link within the message.
  • Bounce: The recipient's mail server had a delivery problem sending the message to the recipient. 
  • Dropped: The recipient previously hard bounced or unsubscribed, making them ineligible for this email send. 
  • SuppressedThe recipient was excluded from the message due to low engagement using the Don't send to unengaged contacts checkbox in the Recipients tab.
  • SpamReport: The recipient flagged the message as spam.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient unsubscribed to your email communications.
  • Unbounce: The recipient was either automatically or manually unbounced by HubSpot. (An unbounce resets the bounce status of the recipient, potentially allowing that recipient to receive emails from your account.)
  • StatusChange: The recipient changed their email subscriptions in some way.
  • MTA_Dropped: Our delivery provider decided to drop the message.
  • Forward: The recipient forwarded the message.
  • Print: The recipient printed the message.

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