What is taken into account when determining best times to send for sales email?

Last updated: February 28, 2018

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Marketing: N/A
Sales: Professional
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When predicting the best time to send email for Sales Professional users with the send later tool, the data about the email you're sending and emails that have been sent with HubSpot in the past are taken into consideration. HubSpot calculates the probability that a person will open an email at a given time, comparing all those times to find the best send time.

To determine the best times to send, the prediction looks at the characteristics of the recipient you’re emailing and takes the following into consideration:
  • Your recipient’s engagement with HubSpot-sent emails in the past. Please note that this data is gathered by looking at recipients' email history in your HubSpot account. Your send history is not shared with other HubSpot users.
  • Similar recipients’ engagement with HubSpot-sent emails in the past
  • Your recipient’s email address
  • Your recipient’s device (mobile or computer)
  • Your recipient’s industry
  • Your recipient’s time zone
  • Your recipient’s country
  • Your recipient’s job title

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