Links in emails leading to an error page

Last updated: February 6, 2019

If the links in your HubSpot emails are leading to an error page, there are a few possible reasons. Some of them may require your web developer or IT department to reconfigure your web server settings and/or security plugins. Alternatively, you can turn off email click tracking.

URL redirect

If you are linking to a webpage created in HubSpot that has a redirect set up, make sure to uncheck the Match the query string option for the redirect. You can learn more about managing your HubSpot redirects in this article.

URL length

When tracking is enabled, HubSpot adds tracking information to the end of each URL in an email. If you copy and paste a link from an already sent email into a new email, the URL will end up with two sets of tracking information, which may make the URL too long to open in your browser. Always link to the final destination URL of your page (e.g., 

Some security plugins can also set limits on URL length. For example, if you have the Ultimate Security Checker installed in Wordpress, links that have more than 255 characters will not work.

External system settings

If you are linking or redirecting to a non-HubSpot website, your web server may not be properly configured to handle additional tracking URL strings. If your system can be modified to allow for specific tracking parameters, you can add the following HubSpot email parameters: 

  • hsenc (email click tracking)
  • _hsmi (email click tracking)
  • hsCtaTracking (CTA tracking)
  • utm_medium
  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign

In addition to the tracking parameters above, your external system should be configured to allow additional hyphens to be added to the URL.