Why did my CRM email fail with an error reading, 'This email couldn't be sent using your connected inbox' ?

Last updated: April 4, 2018

You might occasionally see one of your CRM emails sent from HubSpot fail with a message reading, This email couldn’t be sent using your connected inbox account [email]. Accompanying this message will be an error message reading, 550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender

This result usually indicates that the user sending the email doesn’t have adequate permissions to send as that address from a remote client. This issue is more common with Exchange users; recommended troubleshooting steps are below. If you experience this problem and you do not use Exchange, please work with your IT team to resolve or contact Support.

To resolve this and proceed sending emails from the CRM, ask your IT team to assign the correct permissions to your agent user. This process typically needs to occur in Exchange and/or AD (Active Directory).

  • In Exchange, ensure that your user account has the ‘NT AUTHORITY\SELF’ permission.
  • In AD, navigate to the Security tab and ensure that your user has the ‘SEND AS’ permission.

When you modify user permissions in Exchange, you may need to perform this on both your internal and external connector, then restart the transport and hub services to get permissions settings to apply. If you feel this error message is incorrect, resetting specific permissions entries (such as the the NT_AUTHORITY\SELF entry for a particular user) may resolve.

For additional information, check out this Active Directory documentation.

Another possibility is that you might need to whitelist the IP addresses that HubSpot uses to make the IMAP and SMTP connection to your mail server. Sometimes, there can be a filter on the MSA that prevents us from submitting mail some or all of the time. 

Please keep in mind that depending on your configuration, the steps to resolve may vary. Contact Microsoft Support if the above steps do not resolve the issue.