Why didn't my RSS email send?

Last updated: March 26, 2018

The email tool automatically checks you RSS feed URL to ensure it's formatted properly. If you encounter an error after inputting your RSS feed URL, you can troubleshoot the feed using the resources below.

  • HubSpot RSS emails require a feed that is W3C valid. You can check the syntax of your RSS feed URL using the validator on the W3C website here
  • After you confirm your feed is valid, be sure that there is a unique Guid for each post entry item to avoid the risk of duplicate sends. 
  • If your see a warning in your HubSpot email editor about Missing fields, be sure that the feed is formatted and nested properly as illustrated in the example below. Please note that the Title and Link fields are required in order for the feed to be treated as valid. 

The list below provides an example of valid formatting for each field. Depending on the format of the feed, each field (e.g., summary, link, title, published, and author) can originate from different nodes of the xml. 

  • Author
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:author
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:author
    • /rss/channel/item/author
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:creator
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:author
    • /rss/channel/itunes:author
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:creator
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:author
  • Summary
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:summary
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:summary
    • /rss/channel/item/description
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:description
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:description
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:description
  • Published (in your account timezone)
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:published
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:issued
    • /rss/channel/item/dcterms:issued
    • /rss/channel/item/pubDate
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dcterms:issued
  • Link (required field)
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:link[@rel=_ѝalternate_ѝ]/@href
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:link[@rel=_ѝalternate_ѝ]/@href
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:link[not(@rel)]/@href
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:link
    • /rss/channel/item/link
  • Title (required field)
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:title
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:title
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:title
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:title
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:title
    • /rss/channel/item/title


Example Valid HubSpot Blog Feed:


If you are not able to identify the problem using the resources above and continue to experience issues with sending the RSS email, you can start a discussion on our Community or contact Support.

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