Why didn't my RSS email send?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Check if the custom RSS feed used in email meets the following criteria:

  • The feed is W3C valid. RSS feed URLs can be checked on the W3C website here:
  • There is a unique Guid for each post entry/item
  • The RSS fields (see below) are properly nested and populated (Note that the Title and Link fields are required for the feed to be treated as valid.)


Depending on the format of the feed, all of summary, link, title, published, author can all originate from different nodes of the xml. Please review the following with your developer to ensure these fields are included when generating your RSS feed for use in email:

  • Author (if we see an author like (FirstName LastName), we will use FirstName LastName). Author information can come from a few different nodes:
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:author
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:author
    • /rss/channel/item/author
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:creator
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:author
    • /rss/channel/itunes:author
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:creator
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:author
  • Summary
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:summary
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:summary
    • /rss/channel/item/description
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:description
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:description
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:description
  • Published (converted to portal timezone)
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:published
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:issued
    • /rss/channel/item/dcterms:issued
    • /rss/channel/item/pubDate
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dcterms:issued
  • Link
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:link[@rel=_ѝalternate_ѝ]/@href
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:link[@rel=_ѝalternate_ѝ]/@href
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:link[not(@rel)]/@href
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:link
    • /rss/channel/item/link
  • Title
    • /atom03:feed/atom03:entry/atom03:title
    • /atom10:feed/atom10:entry/atom10:title
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/dc:title
    • /rdf:RDF/rdf:item/rdf:title
    • /rss/channel/item/dc:title
    • /rss/channel/item/title


Example Valid HubSpot Blog Feed:


If after checking the above criteria issues with sending RSS email still persist, please contact HubSpot Support.

Complete your email, and send it when ready.