Why is there a blue border around images when reviewing my email in Outlook 2003 and Lotus?

Last updated: January 20, 2016

If you have inserted images within your HubSpot email message, and have linked those images to pages, you'll find a blue border around such images while reviewing the email message in Outlook 2003 and Lotus (8, 8.5). In order to prevent the blue border from appearing, you'll need to add code to the content module under which the image is contained in, more specifically add code to the image's HTML tag. Within the image tag, add border="0" as exemplified below:

<img src="URL" border="0">

To access the source code of the email's content module:

  • Go to Content > Email, and select the email in question for editing
  • Locate and click to edit the rich text module with your image > click on the Source Code Icon. Doing so will enable you to see and edit the module's content in a HTML format.

User-added image

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