Error when creating an event with the event bookmarklet

Last updated: September 28, 2018

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When creating an event using the event bookmarklet, you may encounter the following error message: We couldn't create a selector for you. Please put an ID closer to the element you'd like to attach this event to.

Events bookmarklet error
The bookmarklet creates events by determining a jQuery selector from the HTML of the element to be tracked. When an item has the same selector as another element on the page already associated with an event, the bookmarklet will result in the above error. A common example is multiple bulleted lists within the same <div> tag. 
Duplicate bulleted items

In this example, the bookmarklet is unable to distinguish the selector for the bulleted item from list 1 ("For spelling out benefits and") from the bulleted item from list 2 ("Search our user guides"). Both elements are found to have the same jQuery selector: 

span#hs_cos_wrapper_right_column.hs_cos_wrapper.hs_cos_wrapper_widget.hs_cos_wrapper_type_rich_text > ul > li:eq(1)

For these types of similar elements, it's recommended to manually add an id tag to the elements to ensure that the bookmarklet is able to find a unique identifier:

  • Navigate to the HTML or source code of your page.
  • Search for the elements that are causing the bookmarklet error and add: id="unique_id" to each item.
Add id tags to HTML
Add id tags to HTML

Once the unique id tags are added and the page is updated, use the bookmarklet to pull in this id as the identifier and create your event.

Example: event for bulleted item from list 1:

Unique id for bulleted item 1
Example: event for bulleted item from list 2:
Unique id for bulleted item 2

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