Is there a limit to the number of form submissions that can be submitted by each contact?

Last updated: April 3, 2018


Each contact is limited to 1,000 form submissions.

Submissions that would take a contact over 1,000 submissions will be dropped completely.

  • The form data will not update the contact record. 
  • The submission itself will not show up for the contact record in the 'form-submissions' data from the Contacts API or in the contact's timeline.
  • The submission will not be evaluated for list membership or workflows.
  • The submission will not appear in the form submissions data in the HubSpot forms tool.

This limit cannot be adjusted. If you find that you're exceeding this limit because of testing, you can delete the test contact and create a new test record. Using the same email address in the new contact would not restore the originally deleted contact, and any form submissions with the email would be associated to the new record and not the deleted record.

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