Can I have contacts choose from multiple webinars on one HubSpot page?

Last updated: May 19, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

Due to API limitations, HubSpot is not able to determine if a webinar is standalone or recurring.

If you have a recurring webinar, you will not be able to list all of the dates on one page and have HubSpot automatically enroll the contact in the appropriate webinar via the standard GoToWebinar integration

If you would like to give customers the option to choose a specific webinar, HubSpot does have two recommendations:

  • Create one landing page for contacts wishing to sign up for your webinar. From this page, direct contacts to an individual landing page with a form for the specific webinar based on the link that they click
  • Set up a landing page and form that collects which webinar the contact wished to attend, but do not link it to GoToWebinar. Enroll contacts in a list based on their selection and use HubSpot's built-in Zapier integration to enroll the contact in GoToWebinar. Please note that GoToWebinar is one of Zapier's Premium Apps, so you will need to be on a paid Zapier plan in order to utilize this option.