Can I limit the number of registrants on my GoToWebinar form?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

In most cases, GoToWebinar has a registration limit of 250 or 500 contacts. If you are using HubSpot to collect registrations, there is no way to limit the number of contacts who can fill out the form (in contrast, GoToWebinar forms will not allow anyone over the limit to register, but direct them to email the webinar coordinator). If you are worried that the number of registrants may exceed your limit, HubSpot recommends a few best practices:

  • Try to segment how many contacts are receiving the registration link at one time to monitor the number of registrants and keep from exceeding the cap
  • HubSpot will allow an unlimited number of contacts to fill out the form, however, anyone exceeding the registrant limit will not be successfully enrolled in the webinar
    • Because of this, you can run a list of contacts who have filled out the registration form, but that have not been registered for the specific webinar
    • You can then use this list to target those individuals, informing them that they webinar was full, but they can sign up for an alternative webinar (or give them priority access to your next webinar)

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