How to integrate HubSpot and Wistia

Last updated: February 7, 2017

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When you integrate your HubSpot and Wistia systems and enable Wistia's Turnstile feature, your marketing and sales teams will be able to see which videos your visitors watch and, with HubSpot Enterprise, even determine if a contact watched the entire video.

Customers wishing to integrate HubSpot and Wistia must have Wistia's Marketing Automation Integrations add-on, which is available for purchase separately with all Wistia plans.

The ability to segment lists based upon when a viewer starts watching a video and when a viewer watches 100% of the video, which requires the use of Custom Events, is only available to HubSpot Enterprise accounts. Customers using HubSpot Professional edition still have the ability to integrate with Wistia; however, you will only be able to segment based on form submissions.

Using Wistia Turnstile for HubSpot form submissions

Using Wistia's Turnstile feature, you can prompt viewers to enter their email address before, during, or after they watch one of your videos. In order for HubSpot to be able to "know" which specific contact watched a video, you must use the Wistia Turnstile feature to capture the viewer's email address.

You can also use Wistia's Golden Ticket feature to make it so that if a viewer enters their email address once into a Turnstile form, they will not be prompted to enter their email address again on any other videos.

In order for a contact to be created in HubSpot by the Turnstile form submission, be sure to check the box to enable HubSpot.


Follow the steps below to integrate your HubSpot and Wistia accounts. Please note: in order for the integration to function as designed, the videos must not only be hosted in Wistia, but must be placed on actual website pages. 

1. Go to your Account Dashboard in Wistia

Log in to your Wistia account, hover over the Account menu and click on the Settings. You'll need to log in as the account owner on your Wistia account in order to see the Account Dashboard option.

2. Enable the Wistia API for your account

Click on the Account Dashboard option on the right labeled API Access.

2. Enable the Wistia API for your account

Click on New Token. Name your token, select Read all data, then select Create Token.

3. Copy the API password to your clipboard

Copy the current API password to your clipboard or to a plain text document. You'll need to paste it into your HubSpot account in Step 7.

3. Copy the API password to your clipboard

4. Set up HubSpot as a provider in Wistia

Now click on Account > Settings, then choose the option on the right labeled Data Integrations.

4. Set up HubSpot as an email provider in Wistia

Under HubSpot, enter your Hub ID (found in the top right-hand corner of your HubSpot account) into the input field and then click the Connect button.

Now you'll be asked to log in to your HubSpot account (if you're not already logged in) and authorize Wistia Turnstile to use your data. Click the Authorize button to finish setting up HubSpot as an email provider.

Now you're free to prompt visitors to your site to provide an email address before watching one of your videos. Once they submit an email address, it will be registered as a form submission in your HubSpot Contacts database.

5. Navigate to your HubSpot Integrations home page

Log in to your HubSpot account. Click on your Account Menu (upper right corner of the screen), then on the Integrations link to access your HubSpot account settings.

6. Select "Integrate with HubSpot" from the Wistia options

Navigate to All integrations tab and locate the Wistia integration > hover over the Wistia integration and choose View integration.

Select Integrate with HubSpot.

7. Paste in your Wistia secret API password and enable the integration

Paste in the secret API password that you copied in Step 3 and then click the Connect! button.

7. Paste in your Wistia secret API password and enable the integration

Your secret password will be saved and the button will now read Integration Enabled.

Segment contacts based on which video they've watched

When you have set up the Turnstile feature, and have integrated HubSpot and Wistia, each of your Turnstile submissions will appear inside your HubSpot as a form submission. The first time a Turnstile form is submitted, a form in HubSpot will be created based on the name of the video, and the submission will be passed through that form.

This means you can segment your contact database by which videos a contact has watched by creating a list based on contacts having filled out the form that has the name of your video. Below you can see an example list based on the form submission of a Wistia video:

If you're not sure how to build a list based off of a form submission, take a look here to learn how.

Segment contacts based on how much of the video they have watched (Enterprise only)

If you're using HubSpot Enterprise edition, the integration automatically creates custom events in the Events tool when viewers start watching a video and when a viewer watches 100% of the video.

Wistia Heatmaps on Contact's timeline

You'll also be able to view a Wistia heatmap for every video your contact watches, right inside that Contact's timeline.

Please note: heatmaps will not appear on the timeline of contacts whose submissions come from filtered IP addresses.

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