What properties should I add to HubSpot for my custom eCommerce integration?

Last updated: August 4, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

The first step to connecting your eCommerce database to HubSpot is to think about what data you want to send to HubSpot for marketing and reporting purposes. The platform comes preloaded with many standard contact properties to get you started, but you can personalize this by creating custom contact properties that are more relevant to your eCommerce integration. 

Create custom property groups

The first step in effectively creating multiple custom properties is to create custom groupings for these fields. The most common categories for eCommerce are Last Order Summary, Customer Lifetime Attributes, and Abandoned Cart Summary. This will vary based on your organization's needs and you should customize these groups as needed.

Please follow the steps below to create a custom property group.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contacts Settings. 
  • Near the top right, click on the Create new property group button. 

You can now add properties to this group either when creating a new property or by moving an existing property into the group (which can be done by dragging properties to new positions from the Properties section of individual Contact records).

Create Custom Contact Properties

Once the Property Groups are created, it is time to build a list of the individual properties that roll up into each group. Please follow the directions noted below to create a custom contact property.

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contacts Settings. 
  • Click Create new property.
  • Proceed to Label and Name the property.
  • Select a Field type.
  • Choose the contact group in which you'd like this contact property to appear.
  • Click Save property to finish.

For more in-depth instructions on creating custom contact properties, check out this article.

Below, you will find the common contact properties that are used for eCommerce, divided into suggested groups

Contact Property Group: Last Order Summary

Last Order Date

Last Order Total

Last Order Products

Last Order Product Categories

Last Order Product Name 1

Last Order Product Name 2

Last Order Product Name 3

Product Image URL 1

Product Image URL 2

Product Image URL 3

Contact Property Group: Customer Lifetime Attributes

First Order Date

Lifetime Total Value

Number of orders

Avg Items Per Order

Avg Order Value

All Categories Purchased

Contact Property Group: Abandoned Cart Summary

Abandoned Cart Product Categories

Abandoned Product 1 Name

Abandoned Product 2 Name

Abandoned Product 3 Name

Abandoned Product 1 Image URL

Abandoned Product 2 Image URL

Abandoned Product 3 Image URL

Abandoned Abandoned Cart Total

Abandoned Cart Date

Please note: when creating these properties, be sure to choose the correct Field Type, so for date-related properties choose Date Picker, for number fields choose Number, etc. For more information about field types, click here