Why are SurveyMonkey contacts not being created in HubSpot?

Last updated: December 29, 2016

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In order for HubSpot to recognize survey participants, the information needs to have been collected in one of two ways: via an Email Invitation Collector survey or via a Web Link Collector survey. Regardless of which method is used, an email address must be collected in order to create a contact record in HubSpot.

If you are sending the survey via SurveyMonkey's Email Invitation Collector:

  • Sending directly from SurveyMonkey's Email Invitation Collector will allow HubSpot to see which email address completed the survey automatically. 
  • For more information on the Email Collector method, click here

If you are sending the survey via a Web Link Collector survey:

  • The first question must be a Single Textbox and must contain the word email.

    Please note: using the Contact Information field set with only the Email Address question will not register respondents to HubSpot; the first field must be a Single Textbox.
  • For more information on creating a Web Collector, click here
SurveyMonkeyFor more information on HubSpot's SurveyMonkey integration, click here.

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