Why do my GoToWebinar registrants and HubSpot registration lists not match?

Last updated: April 14, 2017

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There are a couple of reasons why you may see a discrepancy between the lists of registrants for your webinar in HubSpot and GoToWebinar:

  1. Once a contact is marked as registered in HubSpot, they will not be marked as unregistered, even if they cancel their registration. HubSpot treats these contacts the same as those who registered but did not attend a webinar. GoToWebinar, however, removes registrants who cancel from its lists, which may lead to a discrepancy between the systems.
  2. If a GoToWebinar registrant that becomes a HubSpot contact is later deleted in HubSpot, the number of registrants shown on the GoToWebinar Settings will decrease. The number in GoToWebinar will remain unchanged, which can also lead to a discrepancy between HubSpot and GoToWebinar.

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