How can I set my time zone for the meetings tool?

Last updated: June 8, 2018


You can set your time zone for your HubSpot meetings tool within your individual meetings link editor.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Meetings.
  • Find your existing meeting link for editing or click Create meeting link. Enter your meeting details and click Next.
  • Under the Customize availability section on the second screen in the meeting link editor, select a time zone from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Next and then Save changes.


When a user clicks your meetings link, the dates and times will be displayed relative to their computer's time zone settings. For example, if you have set your time zone in settings or the meetings link editor to Eastern time, and the contact's computer is set to Pacific time, the times will be displayed in Pacific time when the contact opens the link.

The images below show the same meeting link displayed in Pacific vs. Eastern time.

Additionally, when the calendar event is sent to the contact, the information in the event invitation will use the contact's calendar settings. So even if a contact's computer is in Pacific time, but their Google calendar is set to Eastern, the event invitation will be in Eastern time. 

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