Why are my prospects getting the wrong confirmation time with HubSpot meetings?

Last updated: November 16, 2017

There could be a few instances where prospects or customers have tried to book a meeting (via HubSpot meetings) for one time and then received a booking confirmation for a different time.

Here's an example: Your prospect tried to book a 15-minute meeting with you on 2/3/17 at 10am EST (Eastern Standard Time), but received an email confirmation that they had booked a time with you on 2/3/17 at 3pm UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) instead. This can catch your prospect off-guard because it looks like their confirmation came through for the wrong time, but it didn't. Your prospect is just seeing the confirmation time in an unexpected format/timezone.

This, while rarely occurring, can happen. Unfortunately, it's an error that's triggered via Google. Here's what's likely happening:

  1. A prospect books a time with you via HubSpot meetings.
  2. HubSpot meetings confirms the event on your Google Calendar.
  3. Your Google Calendar sends a confirmation to the prospect.
  4. Most likely, that prospect is using an email service provider like Hotmail or Yahoo. Google tries to identify the timezone of that prospect based on their email address, but can’t detect it, and ends up defaulting to the standard of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
  5. The prospect receives a confirmation for their appointment in UTC, and becomes confused.

Again, this is an issue that occurs very rarely. HubSpot is currently evaluating solutions to improve/eliminate this experience.

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