How can I create contacts using sales messages?

Last updated: January 12, 2018

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There are three ways to create contacts using sales messages: 

  • Create a contact manually: Ask for a visitor's contact information while chatting, and create the contact manually right from your messages tool. 
  • Create a contact via your offline prompt: The visitor enters their email address in your offline prompt when trying to chat with you when you're not online. 
  • Enable the Ask visitors for their email address setting: The anonymous visitor enters their email address as a requirement to receive a reply when this setting is enabled. 

Create a contact manually 

While chatting with a visitor, you can ask for their contact information. Then proceed to create them as a contact:  

  • In your chat window, click Associate visitor in the right sidebar menu.   

  • In the dialog box, type your visitor's email address. If a contact is found in your database with a matching email address, you can click Associate contact to associate your visitor with the existing contact. If the visitor doesn't exist, proceed to type in their first and last name and then click Create contact.

Create a contact via your offline prompt 

If you're offline when a visitor starts a chat with you, they will be presented with your offline message along with a prompt to provide their email address. Once they enter their email address and click the check mark icon, they will be created as a contact.  

Enable the 'Ask visitors for their email address' setting

With the Ask visitors for their email address setting is enabled, visitors will be prompted to enter their email address after sending you a message before receiving a reply. You can also customize this prompt message. To enable this setting and set up the message: 

  • In your HubSpot Sales Starter or Professional account, navigate to Sales Tools > Messages and click Settings. Alternatively, you can click Settings in your main navigation bar and then select Sales > Messages in the left sidebar menu.
  • Hover over the message you wish to enable this setting for and click Edit
  • Click Message on the left.
  • Select the checkbox beside Ask visitors for their email address to turn the setting on. Type your message in the Email capture field and then click Save when you're done.

  • With this setting enabled, a visitor will see a prompt to enter their email address once they send you a message. If they enter their email address and click the check mark icon, they'll be created as a contact.

Can a contact be created automatically via messages?

Visitors cannot be added to your HubSpot contacts database automatically simply by starting a chat. They're still associated with an anonymous tracking cookie until you receive either an email address from them or manually add them as a contact.

If the visitor leaves your site before they're added as a contact, they will still have a unique cookie associated with their browser. Therefore, if you have a history of chatting with a visitor and they return to your site later in the same cookied browser, the messages tool will load your conversation history with that visitor. 

Please keep in mind, however, if the same visitor returns to your site after deleting their browser cookies or returns to your site on a different device, then the cookie won't be the same, and the conversation history will not be loaded. You can read more about tracking cookies here

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