How do I get a HubSpot theme added to my existing HubSpot account?

Last updated: October 6, 2015

Please note: themes are designed to have a certain look and feel, and may not be compatible with existing content in your account (large logos, large menus, etc.)

HubSpot provides several default theme options for new COS-enabled HubSpot accounts. If you have an existing HubSpot account with a custom theme, you must work with your site admin to make your account compatible with these themes, before requesting the theme of your choice.

Since your existing account may already include global scripts and CSS files that could affect the way that the themes render, you must first attach any of these files to your existing templates rather than applying them globally via Content Settings. Have your administrator, follow these steps to ensure that your portal is compatible with HubSpot's default themes:

  • Navigate to Content > Content Settings
  • Under Page Publishing, locate Site Header HTML & Site Footer HTML
  • Copy and remove any scripts and links to CSS files that affect the display or functionality of your current theme. If you have different assets for different connected domains, you would need to toggle between domains and remove them for each domain
  • Do no remove any scripts that you want to apply globally to all content (ie Google Analytics)
  • Open Design Manager.
  • Navigate to the templates layouts that you currently use.
  • For assets that need to be added to the <head>, click Edit > Edit Head
  • Paste in the Header HTML code
  • Save and publish the template and save your Content Settings
Migrating Script from Head HTML
Migrating Script from Head HTML
  • For assets that need to be added to the template footer, edit your global footer
  • Add and edit the default content of an HTML Module
  • Paste in the code
  • Publish the global footer
  • Save your changes to Content Settings
User-added image
User-added image

Once you have made your portal compatible, decide which theme you would like to be added to your account, and contact HubSpot Support by logging in and clicking the Help button. The support team will be able to request that a particular theme be added to your account, as long as your portal has been made compatible.