How does HubSpot Caller ID in the Android mobile app work?

Last updated: January 25, 2018


Caller ID in the HubSpot mobile app for Android looks at the Phone Number and Mobile Phone Number properties for your contacts to determine who is calling.

The following must be true for the Android app to determine which contact is calling you:

  • Caller ID has to be enabled on settings tab.
  • The Phone Number or Mobile Phone Number contact property needs to be populated.
  • There should be no spaces or parentheses in either contact property.
  • The phone number should also have the + (country) code as well as the area code (e.g., +353871234567).

Caller ID will display the following details when you receive an incoming call:

  • the contact's full name and job title
  • the last 3 activities recorded on the timeline
  • the option to create a new task, add a note, or send an email

Please note: the information displayed in Caller ID is dependent on the information provided to the device from your cell phone carrier.

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