Why am I not able to log into the HubSpot mobile app?

Last updated: November 1, 2017


Your permissions do not dictate whether you can log into the all-in-one HubSpot mobile app. You will be able to log in, but will only be able to see the HubSpot tools you have access to based on your user roleIf you are in the app and aren't seeing all the tools you expect, you may need to have an administrator change your user role to have increased permissions.

Permission settings that can affect what you see in the mobile app are as follows: 

  • Contacts: If your permissions for viewing contacts are Team only or Owned only, and neither you nor your team own any contacts, companies, or deals, then you won't see any of these records in the mobile app.  
    • If you click Contacts at the bottom of your screen and toggle between the Contacts and Companies tabs, you won't see any records.

    • Similarly, if you click Sales at the bottom of your screen, you won't see any deal records. 

  • Marketing: If you don't have marketing permissions in your account, then you won't see the marketing icon at the bottom of your screen upon logging in. 

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