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Why doesn't Marketing Grader see the link to my blog on my website?

Last updated: July 26, 2016

  • To grade your blog, Marketing Grader will look for a link to the blog that is included within the HTML code of your website.
  • If the tool is not able to find the URL, check if your link is redirecting to a different URL. Marketing Grader does not recognize redirects, so the URL for your blog in Marketing Grader must match the URL linked on your site.
  • If Marketing Grader is not able to automatically detect your blog URL, you can manually add the URL into the tool.
    • Navigate to your Marketing Grader Report.
    • Click on the gear to the right of the social icons in the top section of the report.
      Edit Marketing Grader Options
      Edit Marketing Grader Options
    • Add in your blog URL > Save.
Marketing Grader Blog URL
Marketing Grader Blog URL

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