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How do I create my Partner Profile and add it to the Partner Directory?

Last updated: January 10, 2017

Available For:

Partner Account

Within your Partner account, you can create a profile with your company's information to share publicly on the Partner Directory

You'll be able to share more information particular to your business and make it even easier for HubSpot customers to find you.

Please note: Only tiered partners can post their profiles to the Partner Directory. 
  • Navigate to your Partner Dashboard, by choosing Partner from the dropdown in the top left-hand corner of your portal. 

  • Once in your Partner account, go to Partner Profile.
  • Add your company's point of contact information to the Partner Contact Information section, then click Save. 

  • In the Partner Directory section, click the toggle switch to publish your profile publicly on the Partner Directory, then add your company details.

  • Within the Partner Directory section, you'll also want to check any of the boxes that are applicable to your business within the following categories:
    • Your Services
    • Industry
    • Language
    • Budget
    • Region
    • HubSpot Impact Rewards
  • Click Save at the bottom the Partner Directory section to save your changes and update them on your Partner Profile within the Partner Directory.

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