How do I create a report from my custom saved filter?

Last updated: janvier 24, 2018

If you have HubSpot's reporting add-on, you can create reports of your contacts, companies, and deals directly from one of your custom saved filters. 

  • Navigate to Contacts, Companies, or Deals, and choose the record type you wish to report on
  • Select All saved filters on the left to choose your saved filter or create a new saved filter by adding filters on the left sidebar.
  • Hover over the saved filter you wish to report on and click Options > Create report.

  • This will bring you to directly to the report builder and automatically include the contacts, companies, or deals that are included in your saved filter. You can add additional filters and customize your report by clicking Add filter in the left sidebar.

  • When you're finished, click Add to dashboard in the upper right corner.

For more information about using the reporting add-on, check out this article

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