How do I add a comparison to a dashboard report?

Last updated: December 15, 2017


By adding a comparison to a report on your dashboard, you can compare data sets side-by-side to help you better analyze your data and recognize trends.

You can add a comparison to a report that's using a line or area chart style. These chart styles are available only when the report measure is a date property.

To add a comparison to a dashboard report: 

  • From your dashboard in your HubSpot Marketing or Sales account, hover over the report you would like to add a comparison to and click Actions > Edit

  • In the Visualization section, select the Display options dropdown menu. Under Comparison, choose to select either Include monthly goal or Include previous period. For deal reports, you'll also have the option to Include quota. This option pulls from the quota set on your deal forecast widget. 
  • If you select Include monthly goal, a Monthly Goal field will appear where you can set a custom goal. If you select Include previous period, a Compare to dropdown menu will appear where you can select a period for comparison. 
  • Click Apply when you're done.

If your report uses a split metric, the Include previous period option won't be available; a report can only have one comparison line at a time. Adding a previous period comparison for a line or area chart with a split metric would require adding multiple comparison lines, which cannot be done.

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