How do I block referring domains from my website analytics?

Last updated: December 8, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

HubSpot provides you with the ability to filter out referral traffic from specific domains. This setting can help block unwanted (or spam) traffic. (If you want to block traffic from your own, external domains, follow the instructions here instead.)

To filter unwanted referral domain traffic, follow the instructions below:

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Reports > Reports Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Exclude traffic from these referrers section > enter your domains to filter in the text area > click Save.


How exactly does this work?

If you block the following domain:, the result will be: blocked and * (i.e but not thisdomain.* (i.e

Will this work retroactively?

No. Once you add a domain to this section, it will work going forward but will not be able to remove traffic that has already been tracked.


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