How do I create a Companies Report?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

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In order to create a Companies Report, you must be an Enterprise Customer syncing Company properties using the Salesforce Integrationor the Companies API.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Reports Home > Create a new report.
  2. Choose Companies Report > select 'Start From Scratch'> Create Report.
  3. Click on the title at the top of the report to edit the name of your report.

  4. Select a list (or create a new list) to segment on.
  5. Select a conversion type (ex. Close Date, Create Date, Recent Conversion Date, etc) and a time period for your report.
  6. Choose to group companies by day, week, or month.
  7. Optional: choose a company property to further breakdown this report. This data will display in a chart below the graph.
  8. Optional: choose a numeric property to calculate the total value and sum value. This data will also display in a chart below the graph.
Sample Companies Report
Sample Companies Report

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