How do I edit the Time Settings for my HubSpot Portal?

Last updated: September 22, 2016

As a marketer or sales rep, the time at which a lead is generated or a piece of content is scheduled to be published is incredibly valuable information to know. Setting a common time is vital in coordination efforts across teams and locations. However, users also want to see times and dates in a format that is familiar to them while they interact with the HubSpot application. HubSpot understands this and has built in features to help marketing teams manage their time zones and coordinate efforts. However, the various ways a user can change their time display settings might not be very straightforward, so this article is designed to give a general overview of how time settings are handled and the various ways our customers use displayed times.

Public Facing Time Formats

One of the most important time display choices a marketer has is what time format to show viewers that come to their website and read their content. For this use case, HubSpot allows users to customize their public facing time display in Content Settings. This setting changes how a content viewer sees what time a piece of content was published, or what time comments were made.This is a portal-wide setting and will change the content formatting for all users.

  • To access this setting, please navigate to Content > Content Settings.
  • Select Blog > Date Formats under Content Optimization System Options.
  • Choose a desired option under the Publish Date Format and Posts by Month Format.
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Click on Save changes to save your edits.
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Internal Time Zone Coordination

Next, how do marketing teams keep in sync with one another, especially if they are geographically separated? In order to coordinate efforts among teams, there needs to be a way to keep them working on a common time. HubSpot allows you to do this, by setting your preferred time zone for your entire portal. This feature sets the preferred time zone events like blog posts, social media and email sends are scheduled in. Additionally, all web analytics data will be displayed relative to the user’s chosen time zone. A portal’s time zone can be set by accessing Reports Settings and choosing “Time Zone” from the left hand navigation. This is a portal-wide setting and will change the timezone for all users.

  • Navigate to Reports > Reports Settings > Time zone.
  • Select your time zone from the drop-down.
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Locale Time Displayed in the HubSpot User Interface

HubSpot also offers a way for individual users to change the way times, dates and numbers are formatted in the product user interface itself. Many users live outside of the United States and are accustomed to seeing times and dates in a different format than what the HubSpot user interface defaults to (US - English). In order to give a more customized feel to our product, we’ve included a setting that changes the way a user sees time, dates and numbers inside their individual portal. This setting can be accessed from your main User Settings in the “My Profile” tab and by selecting your desired locale from the dropdown menu.

  • Navigate to your Account Menu > Settings.
  • Select My Profile > go to Date & Number Format under the Basic Info tab > choose a desired option > click on Update.
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  • Go to Contacts > Contacts Home - In our example, we chose Spanish (Spain), therefore the dates under the 'Create On' column follow this newly selected format.
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Now that you know how to manage your Time Zone settings in HubSpot you'll be better equipped to coordinate your marketing efforts with other colleagues.