How do I track visits from social media links?

Last updated: August 9, 2016

If you are using HubSpot's Social Media Publishing tool to post content, then visits from links clicked on these posts can be easily tracked.

  • For each post, you will be able to see 'clicks' and 'interactions' within the social publishing tool and visits from links clicked in those posts within the Sources Report.
  • Learn more about posting content with the social media publishing tool.

If you are posting content directly via a social media site, those visits will be automatically be bucketed under 'Social Media' in the Sources Report based on the referral URL. If you want to further segment your social media visits based on campaigns, we recommend using tracking URLs to ensure those visits are correctly bucketed.

  • Navigate to Reports > Reports Home > click on the link in the right side menu for the Tracking URL Builder.
  • Click on the button, 'Create New Tracking URL'.
  • Enter the following information:
    • URL = full URL of your page (do not use a shortened URL within the builder, this will cause the URL to redirect twice and lose the tracking parameters)
    • Campaign = select a campaign from the dropdown or create a new campaign. The campaign name will appear as a drilldown in the Sources Report.
    • Source = under 'Social Media', select your desired social site.
  • Press the button to Generate the tracking URL.
  • Use this tracking URL when posting a link on social media sites.